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Category: Productivity tools for: SAP Business One

Debt Collector for Sap Business One

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Send automatic fax memos to debtors quickly and effectively.
Prepare UOMe letters for a selective group of customers by different criteria,
and send them with one click through a fax server.
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Wise and efficient debt management, utilizing intensive automatic faxing to all debtors, by different criteria.
Save lots of time sending debtor faxes: no need constructing each fax separately and sending it to the designated phone number
Direct retrieval of debtors from SAP Business One
Print a detailed letter for every customer, arranged by agents.
automatically and continuously send debtor letters , using a WinFax fax server, including a delay for low charge hours.
The letter includes company logo, detailed debt, and additional remarks.
Debt amount limit option for each and every send.
"Internal Classification" field enables sub division of customers into small groups, in order to eventually soothe faxing.
Create an Excel sheet, reviewed by debt months, for an executive view.
Special care for foreign currency debtors.
No need to run SAP Business One
No need to export and import files from Wizcount
Simple install. Friendly and easy use.
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