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Category: Productivity tools for: Wizcount for Dos

QuickFlow for Wizcount

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Periodical analyze of future incomes.
Period summaries by month, quarter, week, or self customized interval.
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Cash flow summary by determined time frames, necessarily including drill down to transactions in every period
Cash flow listings for print or to send by email
An Excel sheet as recieved using QuickFlow for Wizcount
Cash flow periodical analysis according to future incomes - for an accurate financial planing
Quick and effective retrieval of bank transactions, giving an updated view for your bank manager
Full flexibility planning periodical cash flow - to fully match business activity
Periodical analysis of intended incomes according to bank transactions
Analyze a time frame by quarters, months, weeks, days, or customized: define your month.
Period analysis with a drill down to the transactions with a click
View a detailed listings of transactions for print or email
Collect transactions and pass them to Excel in a click, for further analysis
Output reports in windows to every printer and by fax or email
Send the results by Email with a click
No need to run Wizcount
No need to export and import files from Wizcount
Simple install. Friendly and easy use.
Komsel Tools. Trial for 14 days (ZIP)
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