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Category: Productivity tools for: Wizcount for Dos

SmartDoc for Wizcount

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View and print documents originated in Wizcount.
Add item pictures to your proposals.
Send copies of Wizcount documents by fax or Email, immediately from your desktop pc.
Send proposals without the necessity for a fax machine.
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Quickly find a copy of an invoice, and send it to the printer , email, or fax
Quickly find a copy of a delivery note, and send it to the printer , email, or fax
Big time and money saver when sending documents: send a proposal to your customer by email or by fax directly from your pc
Quick document viewing for check-up or reprint, by item key or by details field
Produce a designed proposal including logo and item drawings, for a better result from a potential customer
Produce document copies in a language different from the original language of the document
Locate documents from Wizcount - Invoices, orders, etc. -with a click
Locate a document by reference, account key, or part of the account name
Locate a document by part of the lines details field
Locate a document by item key
Link an item to a picture, and show it next to the item price in a document
Option for a foreign version of each document, regardless the Wizcount version
Output reports in windows to every printer and by fax or email
Send the results by Email with a click
No need to run Wizcount
No need to export and import files from Wizcount
Simple install. Friendly and easy use.
Komsel Tools. Trial for 14 days (ZIP)
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