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Category: Productivity tools for: Wizcount for Dos

Balancer for Wizcount

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Collect accounting transactions and create a balance sheet easily and effectively.

With one click, you can gather transactions from different years and companies simultaneously.
you can print the sheet in HTML, pass it on to Excel, Analyze it with a chart, and more...
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create a standard balance sheet and print it, fax it, or email it from your pc
Matrix balance sheet divided by quarters
An Excel sheet created from Balancer for Wizcount
Graph showing balance divided by months
Demo (Flash)
Directly read Wizcount transactions, and create a balance sheet divided bu months.
Lots of time saved in collecting transactions for a specific account from multiple years
Prepare a ledger by months or quarters with a click, without the trouble of processing files and special reports
Big time saver in passing data to Excel and organizing it:
with a click, you get a quality sheet with headings, details, all numbers and more
Print a balance sheet / transactions balance in windows with any printer
For accountants: Big paper saver! send sheets to your customers by fax or email directly from your pc
Multiple company / year balance sheet, with a time frame compare definition
Matrix Balance Sheet: divided balance by months / quarters / weeks / years. Including sub totals.
Drill down from an account to its transactions, and return to the account - in one click
View a multiple company / year report and compare a period over the years
Option to define a balance month, starting and ending in the middle of the calendar month
Produce a transactions balance, including accumulative balance for a particular date
Produce the business financial statement in a foreign language - for overseas reports
Ability to analyze budget according to budget transactions in Wizcount.
Select category code range, accounts range, balance range, and more
Select agent range and account type
Selective pick of accounts for a preferred balance sheet - mark and print
Option for reading forecasted transactions
View summaries only for category codes
Output results in windows to every printer, and by email or fax directly from your pc
Pass to Excel and open it in a click
Send the results by Email with a click
Quickly produce a summary graph by week / month / quarter
No need to run Wizcount
No need to export and import files from Wizcount
Simple install. Friendly and easy use.
Komsel Financial Tools. Trial for 14 days (ZIP)
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